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BIM is now. Make your new possible.

It’s no secret BIM processes are changing the way architects and engineers bring their projects to life. But why are so many making the shift?

For one, the cost benefits can be huge. According to a recent report, 29% of projects using BIM are achieving ROI of 50% or more. Between 2011 and 2015, the U.K. saved $4.25 billion using cost-saving BIM processes on public projects.

BIM is here to stay but you may be still wondering if it is right for you. So let’s look further:

Why is BIM vital to me?

While your business and design goals are unique, in today’s AEC landscape BIM processes are crucial to success. Architects, engineers, designers, and other AEC professionals rely on BIM to accelerate speed of design, ensure construction, and enhance productivity.

By spending less time on repetitive tasks and avoiding costly reworks, BIM processes have huge cost-saving potential. By utilizing Autodesk BIM solutions, Max Fordham saved ~14,000 hours of labor and ~£250K-£300K in costs.

Learn more about BIM.

The bigger the project, the more the risk. Risk reduction is key for AEC professionals who need to minimize cost and schedule overruns.

From housing to highways, BIM is being leveraged across a range of sectors for its ability to minimize risks. Architects and engineers using BIM on 75% or more of projects saw a 73% reduction of errors and rework and a 57% increase in stakeholder buy-in. This hub for AEC professionals can help you find the perfect BIM solution.


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