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Privacy and Terms of Use

Keeping in mind the anxieties that you might have about the trustworthiness of internet space, we have formulated an online privacy policy.

Admire Tech Vision is highly sensitive towards protecting the information that we receive through our website. We request your information with the sole intent to contact you for the purpose of serving you with information about our Institution.

Admire tech Vision will not sell your information under any circumstances. We assure you that your personal information will be guarded with the utmost secrecy and will not be misused at any cost.

Log in

Admire tech Vision website requires login only to the forum page where students can discuss their issues regarding the software problem they are facing. It’s totally dependent upon students to log in and share their thoughts. We are not forcing the student to comment on any of our posts. Login access is created using the third-party portal i.e. Google and Facebook only.


A cookie is a small text file that websites send to your computer’s hard drive. It records your online preferences and recalls your previously entered personal information. The main purposes of cookies are to make your interaction with our website fast and easy, and for us to track information about your visit to our site. Such tracking will help us improve our website and serve our visitors better.

External Links

To enhance your information experience in our site we have included links to other websites. The intention is purely to provide you with quality information and Admire tech Vision is not responsible for the content of the external sites.

If you have any concerns regarding privacy issues please feel free to contact us at

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