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Autodesk Revit

Autodesk Revit software is designed for Building Information Modeling (BIM), to help professionals in designing, building, and maintaining superior quality buildings. Professionals can now collaborate to deliver projects more smoothly using the information-packed models created with Autodesk Revit.

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● Get accurate details and dimensions from sections of curved geometry
● The open dialog allows for confirmation of the version of the Revit file in use
● Control the extent of datum elements and crop regions through the scope box
● The split effect allows for the division of railings into multiple objects
● Tabbed views to see open views at a glance
● Crop view to uncropped perspective and reset at will
● Multi-monitor support
● Modify materials to take advantage of the higher quality physically-based appearance assets
● View and edit levels in any view, including orthographic and perspective 3D views

Revit for Architects
With the Revit software, architects can work on an idea from the conceptual design phase to construction documentation, all in a single software environment. The Revit software helps architects to sketch, design 3D forms, and operate the forms interactively. Create precise floor plans, sections, elevations, and 3D views, all based on your personal preferences and design. Achieve building performance optimization by analyzing sun position, quantities, materials, and solar effects. The Revit software generates spectacular virtualizations and enables virtual walk-throughs, which effectively showcase your creative concepts.

Revit for Structural Engineers
Revit software is designed to support multidiscipline coordination of structural design documentation. It also helps in minimizing errors and enhancing building project team collaborations. It has intelligent models to assess conformance with building and safety regulations. Streamline the design and analysis process by taking advantage of the ability to create a multi-material physical model for coordination and documentation. It also provides an editable analytical model for analysis. Intelligent models are available for analysis and fabrication, which results in accurate documentation starting from design intent all the way to construction. Link design and detailing workflows by specifying design intent for reinforcement modeling and documentation.

Revit for Construction Professionals
Construction professionals get the tools to assess constructability and design intent before the start of construction. Revit software works for construction professionals by helping them understand materials, means, methods, and how all these fit together. Get a more comprehensive construction insight from design models by splitting and manipulating objects like wall layers and concrete pours. This will give you a more accurate representation of construction methods. Formulate shop drawings for fabrication using features that provide more flexibility in recording assemblies of model elements.





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