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Architecture, Engineering
& Construction Collection

autodesk aec collection software purchase

With this collection, you can design superior and more sustainable buildings. Expand your ability to deliver bigger and better designs. Available in this collection is: Autodesk Revit, Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D, Autodesk AutoCAD, and a portfolio of additional software.

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Get all the tools you need

This single package gives you all the design and engineering tools you need to create your products, including Revit and AutoCAD.

Connect your workflow
Create a single, comprehensive definition of your product using applications that can reference and update data created by other disciplines and software. This promotes team collaboration and better handling complexity.

Prepare for the future
The latest in cloud-based design tools prepares you for the Future of Making Things with Fusion 360.

More value for your money
Purchasing multiple Autodesk software solutions as part of a collection is a great deal, as it allows you to save significantly.

Support your business today and into the future
Stay on top of evolving business trends with access to a wide selection of the most essential Autodesk software in your industry. This comes with a steady stream of new releases and product upgrades to improve your workflows.

Manage operational costs more effectively
Operational costs will reduce when you get a standardized collection of technology flexible enough to suit the needs of a large number of users.

Simplify software management
Streamline software distribution and management with a standardized collection of Autodesk products and services.
Streamline the procurement process
Cut out extra paperwork and unnecessary procurement cycles by choosing a collection that has all the technology your users will need – now and in the future.

Optimize IT spend
By purchasing multiple Autodesk software solutions as part of a collection, you are giving your users unlimited access to sophisticated technology while reducing IT costs.

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